Too Many Ideas

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Found an interesting article on the Writer's Digest site about dealing with Too Many Ideas Syndrome (TMIS). Usually it's Writer's Block for me, but I've had TMIS sometimes too. The author of the article lists 9 ways to deal with TMIS. I'm not going to go into extreme detail here, but I'll list them just to give you a general idea.

1. The Red Dress Story
2. It's the Stupid Idea, Stupid
3. This Idea Has Legs
4. The Assignment Is Due
5. Mind Over Mind
6 Give In To Passion
7. Organize Visually
8. Get (Meta) Physical
9. That's What Friends Are For

As you can see, most of them are self explanatory. I encourage you to read the actual article because you can at least learn something from it.

Personally I use 4 and 9 the most. I find that when I have a deadline set, it gets me motivated so I can finish on time. Sometimes my best work is a result of doing something at the last minute to make the deadline (yeah, I'm a slacker). Rule 9 is something that I do with my roommate constantly. It's very helpful to share your ideas with other people.


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