World Building

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I learned an interesting concept in my Fiction Writing class today called World Building and I'd like to share it with you.

World building is a term used by Sci-fi and Fantasy writers when they are creating a world that their story takes place in. There's two different way of doing this: Macrocosmic and Microcosmic. Macrocosmic is when you're making a world from scratch. That means people, places, culture, language, etc. Microcosmic is where you using the real world but adding your own touches (think of something like The Matrix or Pushing Daisies).

My teacher suggested that a helpful way to do this was to make a story board filled with pictures to use as models. It doesn't have to be a board, it can be sticky notes, in a notebook, or whatever suits you.

I've only ever done microcosmic, but I'd certainly like to give macrocosmic a try some time. And as for the story board, I don't know if I would use an actual board because I wouldn't have any room to put it in my dorm. I'd probably make something on my computer or in a notebook.


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