Blog Portfolio 4: The Final Act-Juggling Html and Twitter

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Not much has changed since my last portfolio for Writing for the Internet. I'm still working with html, but with the help of a free program called Kompozer. It's one of those WYSIWYG (what you see is what you get) programs that lets you see what it is your making before putting it online. It's really helpful for making my site for class. On Twitter, I've been putting some html and template links besides Creative Writing links.

Interaction-Classmates blogs I've commented on.

Sophisticated Website-Bethany provides a link to her website and asks for opinions. I commented that the colors on the site blend well together which makes the text easier to read.

The Return of the Bane of My Existence-Stephanie finds an old USB (which had all of her work) that she thought she lost. To prevent this from happening again, she asked for advice about a better way of saving her stuff. I advised her to get an external hard drive.

Correction!-Stephanie says her previous love of html has turned into a love/hate relationship since html won't work properly unles it's perfect. Thanks to another classmate named DJ, she discovered a program on her Mac called iWeb (which is similar to Kompozer). I commented saying how I still love html, but I still have a lot to learn.

Writing Rhymes the Fun Way-Kaitlin found a site that lets you look at words that rhyme. She wrote her own poem which made me laugh. My comment was that I usually don't write poetry, but I might have to start because the site she found is so fun to use.

Depth-Entries where I actually said something.

Delving Into Genres: Historical Fiction-I explain what Historical Fiction is and admit my love of history, especially the Revolutionary War.

Dear Motivation, Please Come Back-A post about the trouble with losing one's motivation to do work.

I Wanna Be Something-Post that features a link to an article called 50 Creative Ways to Make Your Blog Popular. I state my opinion about two of the tips.

Discussion-Classmates entries where I started/participated in conversation.

The Return of the Bane of My Existence


Writing Rhymes the Fun Way

Outside Material-Entries that featured a link.

I Wanna Be Something

Something Different-This post has a link to my site where I posted one of my short stories.

Ethos-Entries where readers can get a glimpse of who exactly is writing these blogs.

Delving Into Genres: Historical Fiction-I pretty much admit that I'm a history nerd in this entry, something that I'm not ashamed of lol

Dear Motivation, Please Come Back-Like most people, I also suffer from laziness lack of motivation from time to time.

Something Different-Readers get to see an example of what it's like when I try to be a serious writer. I also explain a bit about the process of writing the story.

Convention-My experience with the internet.

I Wanna Be Something

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