Blog Portfolio the 3rd: Writing, More Writing, Coding, and Promoting

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Since my last portfolio for Writing for the Internet, I did a project with April Minerd promoting SHU for the Griffin's Challenge. We had to make a 30-60 second video that captured the spirit of the university. We also did a piece of writing. You can find both here. Even though we both took pictures and video, April's the one responsible for making the final product look so awesome.

I've also been busy putting links on my Twitter to helpful writing sites.

My favorite bit is that we started learning html (the coding used to make web pages) using the book Creating a Web Page with HTML by Elizabeth Castro. It's a great book for beginners so you should buy it if you're interested in learning html.

Interaction-Classmates blogs that I've commented on.

Blogging as Goal Fulfillment-April talks about how the world of blogging is so competitive. She also includes a clip from the movie Julie and Julia to emphasis how blogging is a commitment. My comment was about how the number of bloggers is mind boggling.

Finished Multimedia Project-Just a comment thanking April for being a great partner.

The Story Begins...-Kaitlin creates her own interactive fiction story. I only did one story line and I died after eating a Cheez-It, thus only adding to my reasons for not liking them lol. After asking her how long it took her to make, she said that it took a few hours and that the hardest part was linking the entries together.

HTMLove-Stephanie talks about her love for html and asks for opinions on html. I said that I love html because of the freedom it gives you when creating pages/layouts.

Depth-Entries with some meat in them.

 Critiquing Stories-Entry about the benefits of workshopping with others in order to improve your story.

Creative Writing Therapy-A little background on Creative Writing Therapy and how it's used for trauma victims and people with terminal illnesses.

Moving Up in the Computer World-My history with html and a link to a really good html tutorial site.

Discussion-Classmates entries where I started/participated in conversation.

 Blogging as Goal Fulfillment

The Story Begins...


Outside Material-Entries that focused on a link.

More Tips on Writing-5 Tips to Polish Your Fiction from

Ethos-Entries where readers can get a good idea of my personality.

Moving Up in the Computer World

More Tips on Writing

Convention-My understanding of how things work on the internet.

Moving Up in the Computer World


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