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As I was poking around online, I discovered a site that gives you 50 tips to make your blog popular. Like with other entries where I include a link to another site, I'm not going to name them all. I'm just going to talk about a few of them.

Write about your personal life sometimes-I see when this can come in handy because obviously people want to know at least something about the author of the blog they're following. However, I've read some blogs where the author got a little too personal. I may be be curious about you, but not that curious.

 Tell your visitors about your lastest fad or obsession-I don't really do that on here, but I do it all the time on Livejournal. I can see why this tip is on the list since it gives a person more of a reason to follow a certain blog. That, and the fact that it's just not really appealing to follow a blog that doesn't interest you whatsoever.

These are just two of the great tips, so go check them out!

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