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For class I have to create my own site using html. I have a little history with html from using it on Livejournal. On LJ, you can make your own layouts using html and css. I thought it would be fun to try and make one. After doing research, I found that it wasn't going to be an easy task so I started by making small changes (such as changing text color) to stylesheets that were already finished. However, I got bored with this after a while and so my best friend gave me a "do it yourself" kind of book. Unlike Creating a Web Page with Html (the book I'm using for class), which is a thin book, the book my friend gave me was huge as in bible thick (it was for html and css). Instead of short and simple explanations, this monster of a book went on for pages about how to use codes for colors (I'm not joking). Obviously the book wasn't for me so I gave it back to my friend.

Thankfully the Creating a Web Page with Html is easy to understand. It also helps that that the author shows images about what it is you're doing (the monster book was all basically all text). I can definitely say that I'm going to be keeping this book after the class is over.

Out of all the tutorials I found on the internet, this was the most helpful. This site covers everything.


Emily Wierszewski said:

So funny - this reminds me of how I first learned html tinkering with profiles on MySpace way-back-when! Glad to hear the book is helpful for you. I think it's useful to have the code alongside the application.

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