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Blog about... Blogging

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Thanks to Writing for the Internet, I've found a new appreciation for blogging. This hasn't been my first experience blogging though. I've had a Livejournal since my freshman year in high school and I've used this site for previous classes. However, my Livejournal is mostly just for me to rant and post about my interests while meeting awesome people.

Back to the main topic... I never realized just how effective blogging can be. Obviously I post about Creative Writing on here and every once in a while, my post starts a discussion. I try to read most of my classmates blogs and comment since I surprisingly find that I actually have something to say unlike in the past where I would read something and be like "Meh, okay, next." When I read my classmates blogs and the links they post, there are times when I learn something new which means I'll save their blog as a link so that it will be right there when I want to read it.

Too Many Ideas

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Found an interesting article on the Writer's Digest site about dealing with Too Many Ideas Syndrome (TMIS). Usually it's Writer's Block for me, but I've had TMIS sometimes too. The author of the article lists 9 ways to deal with TMIS. I'm not going to go into extreme detail here, but I'll list them just to give you a general idea.

1. The Red Dress Story
2. It's the Stupid Idea, Stupid
3. This Idea Has Legs
4. The Assignment Is Due
5. Mind Over Mind
6 Give In To Passion
7. Organize Visually
8. Get (Meta) Physical
9. That's What Friends Are For

As you can see, most of them are self explanatory. I encourage you to read the actual article because you can at least learn something from it.

Personally I use 4 and 9 the most. I find that when I have a deadline set, it gets me motivated so I can finish on time. Sometimes my best work is a result of doing something at the last minute to make the deadline (yeah, I'm a slacker). Rule 9 is something that I do with my roommate constantly. It's very helpful to share your ideas with other people.


World Building

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I learned an interesting concept in my Fiction Writing class today called World Building and I'd like to share it with you.

World building is a term used by Sci-fi and Fantasy writers when they are creating a world that their story takes place in. There's two different way of doing this: Macrocosmic and Microcosmic. Macrocosmic is when you're making a world from scratch. That means people, places, culture, language, etc. Microcosmic is where you using the real world but adding your own touches (think of something like The Matrix or Pushing Daisies).

My teacher suggested that a helpful way to do this was to make a story board filled with pictures to use as models. It doesn't have to be a board, it can be sticky notes, in a notebook, or whatever suits you.

I've only ever done microcosmic, but I'd certainly like to give macrocosmic a try some time. And as for the story board, I don't know if I would use an actual board because I wouldn't have any room to put it in my dorm. I'd probably make something on my computer or in a notebook.


Like last time, this is where I showcase all the entries I've done and classmates entries that I commented on. Oh, and this is my Twitter Since last time, I've learned about the ins and outs of copyrights. How you can copyright your own blogs, stories, etc. with a Creative Common license. I also took a shot at my own remix project. And recently, how to organize information on the internet with the most vital info going first.


Interaction-Classmates blogs that I've commented on.

Hesitations-Bethany isn't sure if she wants to post her writing on her blog. I said she should.

The Undead World Record-Matthew posted some pictures he took of the Pittsburgh Zombie Fest. I'm not a fan of zombies but I like seeing the effort that went into the costumes.

Into the Black Hole, Our Words Vanish-April posts about how our language skills have gone down the drain. I comment by saying that chat speak+laziness are the culprits for this.


Depth-Entries where I had something to say

 History of a Writer-Just as the title states, I reveal my history as a writer.

World Building-Post about a writing concept called World Building.

Too Many Ideas- I talk about an article I found on the Writer's Digest site that dicusses Too Many Ideas Syndrome (TMIS).


Discussion-Classmates entries where I started/participated in a conversation.

Into the Black Hole, Our Words Vanish


Outside Material-Entries where I talk about a link I found.

Too Many Ideas


Ethos-Entries where the reader gets a good understanding of me.

History of a Writer

Too Many Ideas


Convention-My understanding of how something on the internet works (blogging, Twitter, etc.).

Blog About... Blogging-Just as the title states.

History of a Writer

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Looking back at my old entries, I noticed that I never did a post about how I got into writing. There really wasn't anything that motivated me to be a writer. I just remember that as soon as I learned how to hold a pencil I started writing. I actually have a folder at home filled with the page long stories I wrote complete with awful drawings. So yeah, I knew I was going to be a writer when I grew up.

Even in school, I would turn a writing assignment into a story which was hit or miss with the teachers. Thankfully my family encouraged me which is why I'm still writing today.

And you want to know something? Writing fanfiction helped me grow as a writer. For those of you who don't know what that is, it's when you write a story using already existing characters like Harry Potter for example. Of course it's not for profit, it's just for fun. I still write fanfiction if I have the time. There's a site called fanfiction.net where you can upload your stories and have people review them. It has a sister site called fictionpress.com for original work.

What motivated you to be a writer? How did you improve as a writer? Do you still want to be a writer?

Remix Project Final Version

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It's like the title says. Hopefully you'll be able to see the text better since I darkened the image a bit.

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Here's my works cited list too. workscitedpoe.doc

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