January 13, 2006

Blog Portfolio 2

As I continue my quest for video game knowledge in Dr. Jerz's EL250 I find myself conforming to the game nerd I never thought I would be. In the past two weeks I have learned a lot about New Games Journalism .When I play video games anymore or watch while someone else plays I analyze the meaning behind the game, look in depth at the motives of the game designer, and reference to ideas that Juul, Koster, and Laurel have. I feel that I have begun to become a better writer and become more open with my opinions (see New Study Linking Video Games and Aggression).I have begun to analyze certain aspects of games such as graphics in an entry called Is it all about the gameplay? I have begun to blog like I never blogged before in order to help gain knowledge in the field of New Media Journalism. I have sparked many conversations on my blog such as my close reading of Tomb Raider, Close Reading 1 and Are we living in a simulated world? In a game review of Mortal Kombat that I am very proud of I exhausted the game's characters, techniques, graphics, and my personal view on the game. I think I now know the ins and outs of the game! I have analyzed pieces by Juul and Aarseth both involve the game designers' motives within games. I feel that I am starting to understand the detail and thought put into games that I would have never considered before and as the class progresses I hope to learn more.

Media Responses

[Coverage, Interaction]Aarseth's Game Studies Editorial Here I examine the field of gaming as a result of Leslie's comment.

[Coverage] Hayward's 'Videogame Aesthetics' Here I look at how the graphics influence gaming and gamers alike.

[Interaction] 'Life after the Video Game Crash' Here I comment about Leslie's asumption about Wong's accuracy about another video game crash.

Class Discussions

[Coverage, Depth] Analyzing Game Studies In this class blog entry I explain how hard it is to find creditable sources about video games.

[Coverage, Depth] What is Fun? In this entry I try to answer the age old question 'how is fun a learning experience'? Based on Dr. Jerz's lecturette about how Koster defines fun.

[Coverage, Depth] Laurel; Close Playing; Etc Here I take a look at what the close playing exercises have taught me.

[Coverage, Depth] Issues within Juul's Readings Here I examine Juul's theory of rules for video gaming.

[Coverage, Depth, Interaction] New Study Linking Video Games and Aggression Here I get emotional involved in a topic that I feel very strongly about; gaming violence, and the involvment of parents.

[Coverage, Depth, Interaction] Parental Concern about Gaming Here I post a comment about how I feel that video games do not cause violence in adolescents.


[Discussion] Are we living in a simulated world? Here I discuss the definition of simulation with Leslie and Dr. Jerz.

[Xenoblogging] GTA:Vice City Here I share my love for GTA with fellow gamers.

[Xenoblogging] Juul, Half Real (Chapt.4) Here Evan and I discuss text-based games and how they are better in the end.

Other assignments

Tomb Raider-A Reference List Here I find 10 creditable sources for Tomb Raider and Lara Croft.
Close Reading 2-Tomb Raider Here I try to describe Lara's influence on young girls mean while sparking up a discussion.
Beyond the Review-Final Draft I am very proud of this piece, I love Mortal Kombat and here is a piece of writing that shows my love for the game.

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Great work, Kayla! You've done a good job presenting the full range of your online contributions.

Posted by: Dennis G. Jerz at January 13, 2006 05:51 PM
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