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That "100 Greatest Americans" thing is such crap. Dr. Phil and Laura Bush made the list, while Andy Warhol and William Faulkner didn't? *scoffs* I mean, I know it was done by popular vote and everything, but that doesn't make it any less sad.

And oh god, Oprah is doing Faulkner this summer.

I feel... dirty.

And she's not doing Absalom, Absalom!, which is his greatest novel ever written. Why would you do As I Lay Dying instead? (Not that that isn't also a great book, but in my opinion, there's not even a question which I'd pick first, and it isn't As I Lay Dying.) *shakes head* Absalom, Absalom! should be required reading for everyone, in my opinion.

Light in August is a great choice, though. That's the one that hooked me on Faulkner.

And let me take a moment now to snicker at commiserate with the large number of people who will attempt The Sound and the Fury and give it up in utter bafflement.

- - - - -

So the Pride and Prejudice trailer... huh. I think I'm going to enjoy this movie as one might enjoy a Snickers bar as opposed to Olive Garden. It's pretty and I like the story, but the soul just isn't there. I feel sad saying that after seeing the trailer, since I was actually optimistic about this movie, but... eh. It's so ... not English. It's a period drama that seems to be set in France or something. And while Judi Dench is an awesome actress, she's no Catherine de Burgh. Also Matthew MacFadyen appears too much of a Byronic hero to be a credible Darcy. But then again, no one can quite compare to Colin Firth.

If you're in the mood to see a trailer for a spectacular movie that will be coming out in September, here is: the Serenity trailer.


The whole countdown is crap. Yeah, I guess you can blame the public for picking these folks (why on earth was Madonna on that list?) but I also blame Discovery Channel for putting together the worst commentators on the planet. I could care less what Moby has to say about every... single... person... on the list.

After they got to Mel Gibson I totally refused to watch anymore. I just said 'no.' Kinda like to crack. Except I'm pretty sure crack would be better.

We were laughing about it at my house though.

In fifty years: "Who the hell is Dr. Phil?"

Don't sweat it. It's like the 'Best New Artist' Grammy. Nothing much will come of it.

The whole thing would've been a lot better if the America realized that stuff worth caring about actually took place before the invention of moving pictures.

Eeeek, typo. Ignore my random "the" tossed in there before "America."

My brother voted 3 times for Ben Franklin.

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