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1) Moving in is not all that and a bag of chips.

2) I need to get the standard cable package, which is not offered.


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Only two more days of work left. I'm told that today is the most hectic day of the year. Why? Because Jimmy Buffet, the Jimmy Buffet is playing. Up until last week I had no idea who Jimmy Buffet was. When I asked my coworkers their only response was a frustrated, "Hello, Margaritaville!"

They've encouraged all us to be festive by making us wear a large button-down dress shirt that is covered in trees and parrots. Oh, the things I do for minimum wage..

My textbooks have arrived. I was able to purchase most of them used. I'm rather lost as to why so many people complain about second-hand books. I think it's quite nice having things already highlighted for me. It's also wildly entertaining to find some mysterious person's comments.* In my Workbook for News Reporting and Writing there are several pages devoted to murdering a stick figure. Flip the corners pages quickly and you can gleefully watch as the little man is run over by a car, shot in the head, and squashed by a boulder. It's fantastic.

*Provided, of coarse, that none of them are littered with pretentious goth poetry, Eminem lyrics, or other nonsense.



My school shopping is finally complete. My comforter is covered in palm trees, which makes me smile. After the obvious necessities were accounted for I picked up a few items to make my first year a bit more enjoyable: the new Belle & Sebastian album, Jonathan Lethem's Gun, With Occasional Music, The First Four Books of Poems by Louise Glück, and of coarse - an unhealthy amount of Tastycakes.

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