1) Moving in is not all that and a bag of chips.

2) I need to get the standard cable package, which is not offered.


Kayla, you might remember me from Livejournal. I just wanted to toss out a suggestion. Walking past the SHGA bulletin board, I'm noticing that almost no one is signing up for the freshman class executive board. I'm currently on what we call the Campus Life Resolution Board - you might have heard of it; you might've heard someone call it by its old name, Superior Court. If a student is written up by residence life for any kind of offense and chooses not to accept responsibility, the CLRB - which consists of a rep from each class, a rep from the student body at large who chairs the board, and 2 faculty reps - reviews the incident and makes a ruling. I think you'd do well on the board, and we need a freshman rep quite badly, being as how most of the people who come before the board are freshmen. Please, give it some thought.

Thank you for your comment. It sounds very interesting but I'm afraid I don't have any leadership experience. Why do you think I'd do well on the board? I never did anything like that in high school. I'm not even a very social person, and most importantly I'm terrified at giving speeches. Also, I'm sure I'm not going to get perfect grades in my classes or anything. I just don't think I meet the criteria to have an important job like that.

It seems I've finally found someone who accentuates the negative things about herself more than I... :-(

You would be good on something like that because you are a reasonable person, not because you would make perfect grades and give excellent speeches. You would be making fair decisions, instead of just showing up to get your buddies off the hook. I agree with Megan; you'd be a good person to give something like that a try.

Well, you come across as more level-headed than any freshman I've yet run across on the campus. (And I've run across quite a few; they're everywhere.) You are one of those people whom we need many more of on this campus - as in, you're not here to get drunk every night. You seem like you have the ability to make good decisions based on the available facts, and to stick to and articulate those decisions. Here's what goes down at a hearing - the 7 members of the board closet themselves in a room on fourth admin, everyone who was involved comes in one at a time and testifies, and then we kick everyone out, argue for a little while, and take a vote. There are never many chances available to actually make a difference on campus; you seem like the sort of person who would want to make a difference if you can. Please, give it some thought.

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