Stephens: Chapters 4 and 5

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“Among the many factors that might explain the palpable difference in mentality between this village crier and this Roman politician, one stands out: literacy.” -- Stephens: Chapter 4

The preliterate style of writing may be more interesting to read because it’s more personal and even whimsical at times. People may be able to relate to the preliterate style better than the analytical, literate style because it is similar to the informal way that people speak to one another.

“To think a society’s thoughts is to belong to that society. News provides the requisite set of shared thoughts.” -- Stephens: Chapter 5

The uniting power of the news isn’t a completely positive thing. It could be used in the wrong hands. If a government has some control over the press, they could force them to print whatever bias they wanted the rest of the country to adopt, and whatever ideas they wanted them to unite under.


Hey, classmates… post your reactions so I can respond. I’m stuck in second R limbo. It’s a very unpleasant place to be.

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I do believe the last paragraph to be correct in my opinion. The power of the news is not always a positive thing. It is sometimes forced by an opinion or bias that turns peoples vies to think that particular way. It is in simpleton terms, brainwashing! The media brainwashes us to believe news that is brought to us haphazzardly.

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