Stephens, 15 and 16

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“Former New York Times columnist Russell Baker says that was when he realized, for the first time, that ‘there might be a lot of things that were not worth keeping up with. This,’ Baker explains, ‘was a moment of liberation.’ … Will ignorance of the exact cause of death, of the subcommittee’s vote, or of the names of Eddie Fisher’s wives (or the paramours of today’s tabloid idols) come to be seen as a sign of a disciplined resistance to the blandishments of the current noise?” -- Stephens, 15 and 16

Some people are proud that they don’t stay informed about current events. And then there are others who are proud that they don’t keep up with celebrity news. Some people only read the sports section of their newspaper; others only read the news websites that lean in the direction of whichever political party they support. When it comes down to it, people will keep up with the news that they want to be informed about.

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