Stephens, Chapter 12

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"Many editors of unstamped papers were crusaders first, journalists second. After detailing the “fun and frolic… and every sort of devilment that will make it sell” with which he would fill his Twopenny Dispatch, Henry Hetherington explained that “our object is not to make money, but to beat the Government.” This statement is consistent with the way Hetherington approached his newspapers and his life: His projects for the working class took precedence over his business." -- Stephens, Chapter 12

When advertisements take up 2/3 of the newspaper, can one assume that most journalists are crusaders? Is it self-righteous to be a crusading journalist or is it a way to better society? What about the expression: “the pen is mightier than the sword”? Isn’t that what’s it about? Words stopping trouble and righting wrongs?

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