Brookfield (1-22)


"At first the Greeks wrote in almost any direction - even a spiral..." (p. 14) -- Brookfield, Book

This book is like being in a museum. Interesting to watch the evolution of writing. It said that the Greeks began by writing in spirals. I wish the book told why. Maybe the Greeks thought it was more creative.


Maybe the spiral was a precursor to the major dramtic structure used in modern writing (the mountain format: inciting incident, rising action, climax, denuemont, resolution). Perhaps the spiral would be like a modern equivalent of writing a story in the shape of a mountain. Am I making any sense here?

The Greeks writing in spirals was neat to learn about. Maybe it was just because they were trying out new methods of writing in order to utilize all of the paper that they had. The book mentioned a constant supply and demand surge for writing materials once writing caught on.

Archives are great to look at. Beginnings with no ends. I feel that things will continue to advance way beyond our lifetime.

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