Brookfield (23-35; 46-53)


“Is it a book? This world history is one of the most curious ‘books’ ever made. Notes in German on events from the Creation to 1595 were written on long strips of paper. The writing is clear, but there is no obvious beginning or end.” - (bottom of p. 29), Brookfield

I still don’t understand what that object is. How can it be a book? What is the point of it if there is no beginning or end? It reminds me of a feather duster. Curious…


Strange, isn't it? How hard would it to read that thing? It looks like a pom-pom. I guess it is something you skim. How would you keep your place?

At first I thought it might be a collection of proverbs (with one on each strip) or something like that, but Brookfield says it's a record of historical events. Maybe the "author" was trying to make a statement about history.

I have a poster on my wall, I think it's called "beatitudes for a girl in love." It is a long scroll about 3 feet long with a poem on it. Maybe it is a wall hanging for a person's home.

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