“Despite the almost organic ebb and flow of this evaluation process, the common goal is constant submission to the judgment of one’s peers.” - (p. 383) Rheingold, Writing Materials

Technology is a celebration of the genius of humankind. One might say that those who reject technology are the true haters of humankind. Many of our technological devices are a solitary experience. They may separate people physically, but only physically.

Rheingold made a good point on p. 386 when he mentions technology being your servant instead the other way around. Obviously an obsession with technology taken to the extreme can be damaging, as is anything in extreme.

However, I see no hidden majesty in this lifestyle of anti-individualism and collectivist thinking.


What's wrong with unity? Collective thought is a great way to develop something more in life, not just the individual. I myself am an individualist, but I always like to see what others think of my thoughts or work. Sometimes it helps more than you think it does.

Those who reject technology, you might say, are rejecting convienience. But, Amos had a good point: technology ends up controlling you instead of you controlling it.

We have all gone, at one point, "oh my god, I have to check facebook!" or "I have to go post that right now!" and then rushed off to our laptops, where an intended ten minutes quickly can turn into two hours. Why? because there are news feeds and ads everywhere, distracting us further. When going into yahoo to check you email, there a a popular news list for the day, with interesting headlines that grab your attention.

Parents don't understand why we would rather text or aim then call someone on the phone, but technology has convinced us that "aiming" and "facebooking" are two new forms of legitimate communication. They are not under technology's control because they grew up without it.


I agree with you. I don't understand how technology can be looked upon as destructive to humans because without humans, technology wouldn't exsist in the first place. This touches on things I reflected about in my entry on this reading. I don't understand how the Amish say they're not conforming, because they are. Any time you belong in a group with such a rigid belief system you're conforming. Although I agree with you that those who become obsessed with technology potentially subject themselves to becoming a slave to it. Technology can be likened to drugs in that sense I suppose. Sure, a vicodin might relieve pain in somebody who has just suffered a bad car accident; if that person abuses the vicodin, then they become addicted which can lead to further complications. Dani, you're right, technology can suck us in for longer than we'd hoped, but WE still have the power to turn the computer off. It's not like I-Robot. Yet.

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