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"Reading is a discontinuous and fragmentary operation. Or, rather, the object of reading is a punctiform and pulviscular material." - (p. 248) Calvino, If on a Winter's Night a Traveler

I found the stories to be alienating because I knew it was the experience of someone else reading the story. Also, I eventually figured out that the stories would never have a conclusion so that also killed my involvement. Sometimes I have to make an effort to connect with what I'm reading, but I found that it was best to stay detached to this book.


Did you really find yourself disconnected, or just not enjoying the book? I felt as a ghost spiriting through the novel.

Perhaps your perspective of staying detached from the book distorted your ability to perceive certain truths that lie within its context. Then again, I may be wrong.

whenever Ludmilla was mentioned, i felt alienated because Calvino was writing as though the reader was a male. After about the first three fake chapters, I caught on and deliberately stopped myself from getting invested.

Usually, at the end of the book, it takes my mind a little while to process what just happened. at the end of this book, there were no residuals left over. I, too, felt like a ghost.

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