Kirschenbaum (Finish)


"Texts are 'produced and reproduced under specific social and institutional conditions, and hence every text, including those that may appear to be purely private, is a social text." - (p. 163) Kirschenbaum

He goes on to call text an "event" instead of a "material thing." I'm not sure how text can be defined as an event or a material thing. It's not something tangible. It's an event in the sense that's it is something taking place.


Text is a tool that we use in order to convey certain messages and themes. I believe it becomes tangible when it is put on a computer screen or in a book on a printed page.

You can call it an event if it is temporary but like I got into on my blog was the fact that I thought the text was solid, not fleeting.

Text is not tangible. It is the imprint of a memory, which in turn is a reprint of the original event. Text is MORE fleeting in the machine thatn on paper because technology upgrades constantly. The phone I had 3 years ago is now considered ancient.

Text is the rememberance of a rememberance of an event.

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