"Storage has never been more important than it is now in shaping the everyday experience of computing, interactivity, and new media." - Kirschenbaum (p. 4)

Storage is more important than ever because we have access to so much information. We want to save it all so we can gain access to it at any moment, no matter where we are. That's what new media means to me. The convenience and availability of information in the form of handy gadgets.


Important but what do we, users, have to do to maintain that there is enough memory to store all the information? I feel that it is human as much as mechanical.

Storage does seem to becoming a more popular topic when it comes to technology. Look at the new mac notebook or how small some cell phones are becoming. Less is more seems to applying to technology just liek it applies to writing. Only with the surprise that there really is more hidden under that lesser exterior.

I agree about the use of handy gadgets being a large part of new media. If I could just pull a Jerz for a moment and give you an anecdote. I recall a time when Stormy used a blue tooth headset while conducting an interview over the telephone. It proved much easier then having to quickly scribe (or type)out the answers with one hand and balance the phone between her neck and head.

Not to mention the fact that on a cell phone there is a function for recording calls. This was a very good use of these new 'fangled' gadgets. lol.

It just seems to follow the trend of the consumer market, faster lighter stronger

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