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The Internet atmosphere and the atmosphere of real life both have their own positive qualities and don't need to compete. I don't think the virtual really changes how we experience what's real. If it did, it's on a very low level and subversive, like the way television desensitizes children to violence.

I don't think we'd ever reach the point that people would honestly have trouble distinguishing fact from fiction. Besides, not many people are familiar with these enormous virtual societies or even aware that they exist. So it's not like they're a popular trend.


I think the ones that people like you and me know are have taken people aaway from reality. think about all the virtual online games and like D&D, alot of people who seem to be into that have lost some touch with reality. In my opinion, that is.

It is a popular trend for gamers. I agree with Rachael. My sister in law is infatuated with an online game that she plays every single day, shutting out the rest of the world. Reality can become distorted by trends that manipulate the mind.

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