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“Some student newspapers have a buddy system that links incoming reporters to more experienced staffers; others assign a senior staffer to act as a writing coach.” - Ch. 2, The Student Newspaper Survival Guide by Rachele Kanigel, p. 13

I don’t think that’s something that has ever been tried by the Setonian staff. The “buddy system” seems unrealistic because I doubt people have that kind of luxury in the work place. It’s more sink or swim.



“Many believe student newspapers, more than journalism degree programs, are the best way to launch a career in the field. The clips and experience you get at your college paper can pave the way to internships and jobs.” - Ch. 1, The Student Newspaper Survival Guide by Rachele Kanigel, p. 8

I agree with this quote. The Setonian is really the only way to get practical writing experience at Seton Hill University. Internships are another way, but those can be difficult to find depending on where you live. The University only offers one course of Newswriting. Writing for the campus newspaper is the only other way to discover a little bit about what it is like to be a journalist.

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