Flash Journalism (Part 1)


“…this book allows you to start your learning journey in whatever way works best for you.” - xviii, Flash Journalism by Mindy McAdams, part 1.

This book sounds like it will be very flexible. Rarely does a how-to book offer different ways of completing tasks. Flash appears to be very relative to new media journalism and a tool that actual professionals use on a daily basis.


I agree. Flash seems to be the way a lot of producers are going these days. It is a lot easier to learn Flash than directing a full length movie. My point is, is that a movie can be produced in Flash just as it can be produced for the big screens, only more cost efficient.

I guess starting off with a complicated program like Blender was supposed to prepare us for Flash. For some reason, I found this book reassuring, and I'm not all that worried about learning the tool. It's the first tool in this class that I feel is relevant.

Danilla, that's a good point. Blender 3D was foreign to us all! Regardless of how familiar we are with Flash, if we could conquer Blender, we can do anything!

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