SNSG Ch 15


“…a staff manual is a guidebook that will help staffers do their jobs... You may also want to include important campus phone numbers, maps, department listings and other documents to help new staff members.” - Ch. 15, The Student Newspaper Survival Guide by Rachele Kanigel, p. 142.

The Setonian doesn’t have a staff manual, but sometimes certain editors create a “how to” guide for their particular position. I include a list of ways to contact students and faculty when I send out news assignments. It’s much easier that writing it out to each individual that asks.


The Setonian does have a manual that the editor-in-chief and the business manager use, but both could use an update. I agree that keeping a set of up-to-date notes is in many ways more useful in the short term than digging for a printed manual, but people who are new to the system typically appreciate having all the information in one place.

Yep yep, we sure do! I'm going to compile a little Editor's Bible of sorts for when I leave. It may not be finished before I graduate but I'll have it completed before next semester for you guys.

That would make things a bit more convenient

The faculty/student directory and posted office hours are the most valuable tools we have. I've emailed to set up interview times, only to have people not get back to me. Then I've gone to their office during hours only to discover that they hadn't even read their email. People aren't rude-they're just busy, so its good that there are several ways to get ahold of sources. I still don't like conducting email interviews, though I did once get an assignment, 3 interviews, and an article written all in the same day due to email.

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