EL 405: Project Log

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We started off using the tutorials in the book, Flash Journalism, which was a useful guide. One of the examples from the book was of an animated eyeball and another was of a narrated slideshow project. These assignments gave us an opportunity to experiment with the Adobe Flash software and a solid foundation to start more advanced projects.

For my final project, I chose to create an interactive map of Seton Hill University. Before the alpha release (11/20) I had used Adobe Photoshop to create the map, but over November break I discovered Google’s SketchUp program. I used the software to create a new map of SHU with multiple views.

By the time the beta version (12/02) was ready to be viewed, I had recreated my project using the new images. This time there weren’t any errors with the finished product. I tried adding popup photos of the buildings, but the finished product was cluttered and messy. The buildings on campus were just too close together. In the end, I removed the popups in order for the map to be clearer and less overwhelming.

After having my map reviewed by a peer (12/04), I realized that the width of the uploaded map was too narrow and had to increase the size of the Flash document.

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