April 20, 2005

Blood-Burning Moon

“Up from the skeleton stone walls, up from the rotting floor boards and the solid hand-hewn beams of oak of the pre-war cotton factory, dusk came. Up from the dusk the full moon came. Glowing like a fired pine-knot it illuminated the great door and soft showered the Negro shanties aligned along the single street of factory town. The full moon in the great door was an omen. Negro women improvised songs against its spell.” This introduction is told with such power and assurance that the full moon is rising and something bad will come with it. People still believe today that a full moon represents evil or weird/unexplainable behavior. Regardless, it is true within this story. There was an amazing use of imagery throughout, and especially with the deaths of both Bob Stone and Tom Burwell… We should have seen it coming with the early use of foreshadowing and title, “Blood-Burning Moon.” Only after you finish the story does it all really come together…

Mary asked on her blog if we feel bad for Louisa or if it was for the best that both men died… In response I will say that I do not feel bad for her. She is surely unfortunate to not know what is going on – as she sings hoping people will come to her, including Bob. I think that her song worked to keep the full moon’s spell away from her. It influenced her tremendously because now she does not have a choice of which man to be with, but is left alone. I really did not like either Bob or Tom. Mary’s right… they both did have their share of issues. Bob may have been intrigued by Louisa, but feeling superior to her because of her race and position is not acceptable. Tom is very uneducated (not necessarily his fault, but his passages were rather difficult to read and I could only imagine him speaking) and seems very violent. He immediately threatens to kill Bob and feels as if he should be the one for Louisa. Bottom line… they got what they deserved. Louisa is definitely better off.

Jerz: Am Lit II (EL 267): Toomer, ''Blood-Burning Moon''

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