May 27, 2005

A Streetcar Named Desire

After having read this story over spring break, I was rather surprised at the ending involving Blanche’s demise. Although I didn’t necessarily support Blanche’s lies and insecurities, I also do not condone Stanley’s actions leading to his sister-in-law’s tragedy. It has been quite a while since I’ve read the story, but if I remember correctly, I blame Stella for what ultimately happened to her sister. Shame on her for marrying such a cruel, insensitive barbarian husband and choosing him over family, but mostly, for letting him get away with what he did. Stanley and her only share a physical attraction, or lust. They are not in love. This is obviously seen through his abuse to her, but the physical attraction is so good they keep going back to one another. It is simply not about concern for each other’s emotions or respect for family… Stella fails to be a good sister for allowing her husband to do what he does to Blanche. But I do also feel that Blanche should not have lied so much about her past. I wonder if Blanche saw what was coming… she didn’t know Stanley overheard her putting him down to Stella, but she had some nerve to say those things to his wife, in his house. Although I understand it was a sensitive subject matter, Blanche probably brought a lot of it upon herself, as she continued to criticize and instigate Stanley.

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