May 27, 2005

The Farmer's Children


I really donít know what to make of this story. I am mostly angry at the stepmother, for being so inattentive and uncaring to her husbandís children (from his previous marriage), Cato and Emerson. Why would she put an extra blanket over her own children who were sleeping comfortably inside and not even acknowledge the two boys who were forced to sleep outside in the barn on a freezing winter night?! ďThe first wife had been the daughter of a minister, a plain and simple woman who had named her sons Cato and Emerson; while the stepmother, being romantic and overgenerous, to her own children at least, had given them the names of Lea Leola, Rosina, and Gracie Bell.Ē
This story was published in 1949, and perhaps the stepmother was bitter towards her husbandís former marriage, and thus, refused to acknowledge and properly care for his children. Remarriage wasn't as prominent in those days, and perhaps the stepmother held resent towards her husband's children. It is a shame that these two young boys died as a result of her bitterness and inability to let go of the past.

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