A Coat of Fish?

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The Merry Wives of Windsor

Evans, The dozen white louses do become an old coat

Well. It agrees well, passant; it is a familiar beast to

Man, and signifies love (line15 pg 4 Act 1)

Does this mean that the “white louse” (fish) has power in this community when it is being related to a coat of arms?  What exactly is being related to a beast and signifying love? Is it the fish or the coat? Why would either of them signify love? I think that maybe it was the fish that was the important note all along. Normally people would lean more towards the coat of arms thinking that was the topic here. Fish signifies a lot of different things Christians use it as their symbol along with a lot of other religions. I think that that means this could also be what signifies love. Fish is about survival in most cases and love is needed to survive.

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