Diction details

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“The Atmosphere, which may be suggested by such factors as the setting Dialogue diction and selection of details in the narrative usually foreshadows expectations about the out come of the events.” (Hamilton 89)

Atmosphere is very important even to a person’s everyday action. Would your conversation be the same with one friend if a specific other friends was present mistily not.  Atmosphere determines how the characters act in different settings. In order for the reader to understand what is going on you need a good atmosphere.



Greta Carroll said:

You are right, Kayley, atmosphere is extremely important. It’s the author’s job to set the mood. If a guy is trying to set-up a romantic home-cooked meal for his girlfriend, is he going to leave dirty socks and underwear on the floor? I doubt it. Probably, he will clean his house carefully, put out candles, flowers, put on some music, etc. The author needs to do the same thing as the boyfriend above; they need to create the right atmosphere if they want to get the right reaction from the audience.

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