Falstaff beating

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“Mrs. Ford. My maid’s aunt the fat women of Brainford, has a gown above.” (Pg 79)

“Mrs. Ford. I would my husband would meet in this shape, He cannot abide the old woman of Brainford; he swears she’s a witch, forbade her my house, and hath threat ‘Ned to beat her.” (Pg 80)

(Merry Wives of Windsor)

Why did the women think that they could hide Falstaff by hiding him in a dress of a woman Ford Disliked so much that he would beat? From reading you understand that this was the plan all along. Falstaff thought he was smarter than mistress Ford, and Mistress Page but they plotted against him. Did they come up with this fabulous plan right on the spot; it seems that way. This passage also says something about Ford’s character.  This makes Ford seem like a cruel man, most men no matter how much they hated a women would not beat her in public like it has been showmen in this seen. Today’s American society would be appalled if watching a play like this. This is an unbelievable event, which would distract people today. 


Marsha Banton said:

You are right. It seems that they came up with this plan quickly. They are smarter and out witted him. It would be a tragic thing to see a woman beaten in the streets. It seems as though something this terrible should have never happened.

Angelica Guzzo said:

This is very true. Ford is made to look mean. I agree that this could distract people.

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