How are bABIES MADE?

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“ He had found out already this morning that he had been made by a carpenter named Jesus Christ. Before he had thought it had been a doctor named Sladewall, a fat man with a yellow mustache who gave him shots and thought his name was Herbert, but this must have been a joke.” (The River) Class comments¬†


Isn’t it funny how all families teach their kids how they were created differently. When you were a kid was it the stork or the doorbell that rang and there you were. Where you that gift from heaven or the unexpected package. Who or what has created you? This passage of the book really stuck out to me because Flannery O’Connor really puts the childish thoughts into this seen. How someone who knows nothing of religion, may first think about the concept of Jesus. IT really puts it into perspective for me; at first I thought it was just simply silly the reaction that the boy had it took me a while to realize it was a serious point that O’Connor was trying to make.¬†


Maddie Gillespie said:

You are quite right about rethinking this little passage and gleaning a deeper meaning from it. I thought it was a silly childhood reasoning as well the first time that I had read it, but I completely agree with you. Harry had never been introduced to any form of religion and O'Connor kinda portrays his house and family's actions as the devil's personal residence. Most every child has asked their parents that question that parents probably dread the most: Where do babies come from? And if they haven't, they've already seen it in a movie or heard it at school. Isn't it a little strange though that Harry's parents would tell him that a doctor made him as opposed to being carved out of wood by Jesus?

I think that passage demonstrates the Harry's ignorance of religion. One of my favorite scenes is when Harry sees a painting on the wall and asks the woman who it was. She is astounded that this young boy cannot even recognize Jesus. This also gives a good look into the boy's mind. He thinks that if something changes or something is different, then it is a joke. The different references to religion really add to the story.

Stephanie Wytovich said:

I'm glad you expanded on this, because I originally just took it as a creation story, not a reference of his ignorance to religion.

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