Long live the writing King

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“ You know what’s great about reading old Will? You keep stumbling across lines you’ve been hearing and reading all your life.” (Foster 42)

             At first I thought why do we give this man so much credit so he wrote a few good books. Earlier in the book it states that no one has an original work of writing. So is this the same for shake spear and if it is where did he get his ideas. Should we be giving that person credit? Suppose a writer uses a line from one of Shakespeare plays but has never read or herd the actual play. The actually encountered the line from another movie that quoted Shakespeare who then is credited. Why in today’s society does Shakespeare sound the most professional in the writing world?

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Because he is. For a long time I tried to say that I hated Shakespeare, when really I just envied him. I mean really, basically he is credited as the first one to write anything good about the things he wrote, and I personally really hated him because of that, because I was always like "well I didn't write about that yet, I bet my writing will be amazing." Though I am pretty good, I'm not Shakespeare good. (And the crediting idea that you brought up...Shakespeare would be credited for that because if everyone gave credit where credit is due, it would more than likely all lead back to him.)

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