Morality, SEX and Descriptions

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Foster (2,3,5) 

"So what he does is show something else as sex. And it's probably dirtier than all but two or three sex scenes ever filmed." (Foster 9) " Well, of course it has to do with sex. Evil has had to do with sex since the serpent seduced Eve." (Foster 16)

Even though these two quotes are in different chapters in the book they relate very well. The first quote is from chapter 2 discusses word choice I have always felt that today’s writers tended to neglect the art of dancing vivid words. In today’s society we tend to just get to the point, for example, and then they had sex, they went to the bedroom and then they had sex, everything is so blunt. It almost destroys the secrecy and the intimacy of the act and exploits it. The techniques that the older writers have used don’t only apply to sex stories but other taboo like actions. An example this is greed, showing greed instead of telling greed.

The second quote discusses the reality of sex, its effectiveness on the world and relationship to evil. Sex is used as a device, of which the idea shows a connection between two people. It is used in advertisements to lour people into buying a product, and convinces people to do the wrong thing. There are signs of this throughout history. 


Good job, Kayley -- you made a link from this page to the course page, and also a link from the course page to this page. You'll see pretty soon that when we have a couple dozen people writing about different things, our local area of the web will get a bit confusing without some road signs, so thank you for taking the few extra seconds to supply this helpful context to your quotations.

In old movies, directors had to resort to all sorts of tricks in order to slip references to sex past the censors, and in the process sometimes they created wonderfully evocative images that are quite frankly much more beautiful expressions of emotions than footage of two actors rolling around pretending to be in love with each other. You'll see much the same thing in older literature, which was mostly written during a time when people were just as interested in sex as people are now, but when they talked about it in their culture, they preferred to use artful symbolism rather than graphic details.

Ally Hall said:

I think that today's culture is so immune to the images of sex and violence that we almost need to be re-sensitized to sex. Nowadays, young kids can turn on HBO or even a PG-13 movie and be bombarded with sex, violence, and swearing and I think that authors and directors from long ago used better methods to show the same ideas that directors show now. I mean, if you even just look at remakes of horror movies in recent years, while the remake may be gorier the original is normally scarier (and better). I think people need to actually show everything, like you said, instead of just telling us, "hey they had sex".

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