"What's In a Name"

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“she’s all spring and sunshine; he’s all frosty stiffness. Names, you ask. Daisy miller and Frederic Winterbourne. Really, it’s just too perfect… you wonder why we don’t feel our intelligence has been insulted.

In day-to-day life names are usually your first or second impression of a person. It is interesting how this applies to characters as well. The name is what sticks out the most and is remembered by the reader as they continue through the book. Names are important to society in general; why else would we have surnames carry over generations. In Italy it is common for grandchildren to be named after their grandparents. Also in Shakespeare’s “Romeo and Juliet” names are constantly important and brought up at many different times in the Play. For example Romeo oh Romeo where far out tho Romeo and Juliet’s “what’s in a name.” This topic of a name has come up before in our Intro to literary studies Class in "Fitzgerald, 'Bernice Bobs Her Hair" in Angela Palumb's Blog

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