First a Teacher then an English Major

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“Regardless of your major, however, remember: Your Major is not you. Nor is your future determined or limited by your major.” (183 Lemire)


I understand this completely because I am an English major who is becoming certified as a teacher. I consider myself as a teacher first, then an English major. I like to have options but I also like to know what path I am taking. Gaining an English major gives me lots of options and I may consider doing some writing on the side of my teaching but that is not my sole concern. I am however just as excited about writing, as I am to teach it. I think this is what will inspire me to become a better teacher. When I was growing up all we were taught was that writers can only write for newspapers and become English teachers but now my horizons have expanded. I still want to be a teacher but know I know what to tell my students about. 


Greta Carroll said:

Great point Kayley! As future teachers knowing all that is out there, available, for English majors is extremely important. Just because we don’t go on to grad school, or don’t pursue journalism ourselves, the more we know about them, the better we can help and teach our students! Just because we are English and education majors does not mean we can close our eyes and ignore everything else that goes along with the English major. The more we know, the more we can help future English majors makes themselves marketable.

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