Hard work and Writing

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“Because the form of a poem, a play, or a work of fiction may look so inevitable and move so smoothly on the page, it is easy to forget that the work is the product of a series of deliberate choices that the author makes in the course of drafting and revising it.” (99 Hamilton)

 No matter how many times I wrote and revised my own paper I never really thought about how hard it was for a real righter to revise their papers. But isn’t that what they want us to think, that they got it right on the first try. I think it detracts from the meaning if you are always thinking about how many times it could have been revised. At the same time it give comfort in knowing that if they had to revise their writing, that you can revise your writing to greatness as well. There is a long thought process that needs to be recognized here because it is a lot of hard work to think critically like authors do. 


Maddie Gillespie said:

I do believe that you make a wonderful and insightful argument here. I completely understand that revising your own work is tedious (I curse and rile at my own works often enough!). However, after we've done so much work and put so much time into something, we can feel pretty great afterwards. We wouldn't want to read anything extremely difficult to read put out by a professional author either, but since they've revised and worked on something searching for perfection, we really do want to read it. Great point and you had no trouble convincing me at all!

"I hate writing; I love having written." --Dorothy Parker

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