Latinos Took my Job!

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“Latinos might be hogging all the crap jobs and substandard housing for themselves, as they often do.” (121Nickel and Dimed)

 This comment really disturbed me because she never mentions any reason for her to have this believe about the “Latinos.” The only reason for this statement to come from her that I can think of is the fact that she is just going off what society says. IT is a popular belief but what does that really mean. I grew up around a community that had a fair amount of Latinos and I have not come to that strong of a conclusion. That is Gutsy of Ehrenreich to bring up such a debatable topic. I guess these topics are not unusual for her from what I have read of this book.  Perhaps she made this argument for a reason because most Americans judge situations from what they here from the public and don’t form their own opinions. 

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