The Displace society in a large world

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"She said getting him was the best day's work she had ever done in her life" (The Displaced person) 

This is one of the most important phrases in this story, it refers directly to the slaves and people who have been treated unfairly by American society in the past and currently this statement is severely derogatory toward the Guizacs. How is that considered work? This was Mrs. MaIntyer's way of crediting Mr. Guizac for his good work with out actually doing so. The polish people are considered "Displace persons" but I think in this case that term should be expanded to the African Americans as well because of the time period this seems to take place in. Are we not all displaced people? Should the term not then be expanded to all of the Americans? We are all displaced people who came from another country.


Greta Carroll said:

Great point Kayley! We really all are displaced people. Mrs. McIntyre and Mrs. Shortley are judging and fearing others who are different from them—the Guizacs and the African Americans—yet they came from somewhere to the United States in the first place. Even if you look at the natives of the United States, the Native Americans, they could be considered displaced people too, since they were forced off their own land and onto reservations. The United States is the country of displaced people, we all are displaced people. And this fact makes Mrs. McIntyre and the Shortleys’ behavior all the more reprehensible.

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