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Everyday etymology appears!

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The antineoplastic will inevitably affect some healthy cells, including those lining the gastrointestinal track from the lips of the anus, and the hair follicles. We will of course be relying on your resolve to with stand some of the more pernicious side effects.


Antineoplastic. Anti; against. Neo: new. Plastic. To mold. Shaping. Antineoplastic. Against new shaping

Hair follicles my resolve.

“Pernicious” That doesn’t seem --- (W;T)

I really like how this was kind of related to our previous lesions in our class about defining words with out a dictionary. How the characters seems to be looking them up in her head. She even knows what the doctor is talking about before he finishes his sentence if the words she thinks about are lined up with what he says. It is interesting how the play is written so you can see both sides but I do not understand now you could perform this part of the play. This is a really good real life example of how you could use etymology.



There Is War Inside a War

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“They told me I had to come back or I’d lose my job.” This is Graff.

“Ender smiled back. He felt comfortable with Graff. Graff was good, and he was principal of the battle school. Ender relaxed a little. He would have a friend there.”(30 Ender's Game)


                War and training for war are often portrayed as friendless businesses. You can tell in this seen that Ender is still unsure of the circumstances he is walking himself into. The damage the character will be put through in the father is foreshadowed leading up to this moment. This moment as a reader you have some hope that he will do great but if you take time to think about it when does that ever happen? How can Graff be Enders friend? It is a War I mean really have you ever seen someone after the war things change and friends they had get lost. Graff didn’t even want to be their y would he want to be any of the new warriors friends? When reading this part my heart sinks a little because I know this hope will not last for long and it doesn’t. Ender has to fight the War he is ment to fight and the war he has to fight between him and his own commanders.

O those darn Teachers and loving my fluffy writing!

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"you probably won't get an A, because you're still submitting two pages of fluff; but you will get credit for recognizing whatever you actually did accomplish." (short research paper)

             I was always like that in high School, which is probably why I decided that english would be the best major for me. What was I thinking? Actually sometimes I think that but other times I feel like such a nerd for actually getting into all the different aspects of english. Writing actually takes a lot of thought to come up with something worth reading and I love finding out different ways to do so. I am done with the fluff tell me what to do instead, I'm ready!

The Muddy blistering truth!

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This was an assignment to write a sonnet using blank- verse 

The perfume of the muddy ground blisters

The stench grovels tugging at my ankles

Hope is shrugging at its frequent clients

Airs standing calm, depressed lives continue

And there all you are sitting on your ass

Worried about gas prices going up.

But why not stand up and help who you can?

 It’s not my problem I don’t even care

I don’t use my own gun, my life is fun.

One day your tall lofty buildings will fall,

 I will have a ball watching you crawl down,

Out of the brawl, which I will want egged on.

I feel it in my Brest the stress you lack

Your bloody Blessed I'm not impressed!


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Schnozzola- Nose (from Schnozzle)

I found the great Schnozzola his real name is Jimmy Durante... I guess he does have a rather big nose. It must be great to be know as the great Schnozzola, it is a very interesting discription word for nose.

Matic- slang for "automatic gun". 

He did a drive bye with his 'matic.

Zonie- A resident of Arizona who's life is hopping from one air conditioned area to another.

All zonies say they can handle the heat but of of them can't. This word is interesting because every tourist area has its own name for the people who drive them crazy every day during season. Coming from a town like this I feel bad for people in towns like this in Arizona. 

Time, Speed, Excitement!

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Sentence variety - “A style in which too many of the sentences fall into the same syntactical pattern can sound monotonous.”  192pg Hamilton


There is a various ways a writer can engage their readers. There is a lot more thought that goes into writing than I thought. A peace of writing can force emotions out of the reader unexpectedly drawing them in. Most of the time you hear about figurative language changing a readers perspective but you can all so change the speed they read it and the emphasis they put on Curtain words. You can do this by changing the length of a sentence, and by adding different types of punctuation. By doing this you let the reader engage in the excitement that you are tying to gain from your writing. You now feel the way your reader feels because 

Hello my name is Kayley Dardano and I am a student at Seton Hill University. This is a portfolio of what I have done the second half of the currant semester, in the course Introduction to literary studies taught by Dr. Jerz. These blog entries display my ability to understand and interpret literature in my own way. Throughout the class we have learned how to closely analyze literary works including poetry, short stories, and some of Shakespeare’s masterpieces. Everyday the students in this course were required to publish a blog entry on the readings assigned in class. All my entries have links back to the course website and from the course website to my blog entries. The course website is filled with other students blogs on the same readings but different topics and points of view. I have created a few links strait to the readings as well as to the website.  I am extremely proud of how I have developed in the blogging process and plan to keep using it in the future. I am really glad that this technology was brought to my attention. I think this would have been really useful in my high school classes, and I hope to bring it into my future classroom.



- This blog is a good example of how I made it easy for a viewer to move between the course website and my blog pages.


Diction details

Feb 28

Everyone doesn't read the same stuff.

Mar 3


Latinos Took my Job!

Mar 4


Being on time is one of the most important qualities a person can have. Being on time is causal in the business world, which is why it is so important in college. College is there to prepare you for the real world and this class does so by setting dead lines. For class we were to finish our blogs 24 hours in advance.


Everyone has "bad Qualities" This was due on the 14th of March and was posted on March 13th


Common Themes in O'Connor Short stories This was due on the 14th of March and was posted on March 13th


Hard work and Writing - This blog was due on the 5th of March and was posted on the 4th of March.

Mar 4



Depth: these next two blog entries are writing segments that I wrote an indepth response to the topics in class.


 The Displace society in a large world

Mar 20


41 minutes ago


Discussion: These blogs have either developed into a discussion or I thought that they should.

 How are babies MADE?

Feb 25


History, Punctuation and The Bible?- I am really curious about the statement linked to this one.

1 day ago


The rest of the blogs this half of the semester



Punctuate your conversations

46 minutes ago


Oh, no comma, watch out!

1 day ago


(English) what?

4 days ago


Punctuation .,?!

4 days ago


The Displace society in a large world

Mar 20


First a Teacher then an English Major

Mar 6


Teach what you know? Can you teach what you know?

Mar 3


Ask your boss to stop sitting on their ass.

Mar 3


Do it right!

Mar 3




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“It comes at the end of the sentence…” (139 eats, Shoots & leaves)

 This may not seem that important but why does it come at the end? Is it just me or do you have to read every sentence that uses this mark twice because at the beginning of the sentence you can not tell it is full of excitement until you finally see the end point, then your like oh wait let me read that again. Every other punctuation tells you what to do and when to do it. For example, a period tells you where the end of the sentence is a comma tells you exactly where to pause, and semicolon tells you where to pause as well. The explanation point is at the end of the sentence but it really means read this previous statement with excitement. I think some how someone should revise the system of the explanation point and put it at the beginning of the sentence. 

Punctuate your conversations

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“We perhaps remember learning to read and spell, but not the moment when we found out that adding the symbol ‘!’ to a sentence somehow changed the tone of voice it was read in.” (134 Eats, Shoots & Leaves)


People in Pittsburgh don’t even punctuated in their everyday conversations. Is it just me or do people from Pittsburgh always act like they are asking a question even when they are meaning to make an average statement? Its contagious to I have even caught myself stating everything as a question? I also put an explanation point on things that don’t need to be! 

History, Punctuation and The BIBle?

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Who would have thought the pause had such a long and significant history?... (Paragraphs weren’t indented until much later) (73 Eats, Shoot and leaves)


I just thought this was really interesting to know because I never saw a real significant reason to indent a paragraph except for the fact that it looks nice. It is interesting how a scribe back in the day had the power to misconstrue a sentence to his liking. Can we even trust the books in the bible if an untruthful scribe might have written them? Or were people not as deceiving back then?  

oh, no comma, watch out!

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More than any other mark, the comma draws our attention to the mixed origins of modern punctuation, and its consequent mingling of two quite distinct functions: To illuminate the grammar of a sentence 2 To point up-… literary qualities as rhythm, direction, pitch, tone and flow (70  Eats shoots and Leaves)

These are two very important functions that we do not give the comma to much credit for.  Have you ever tired to read a sentence that needs commas with out them? How did anyone read when commas were non-existent? Not only do you not know what it saying but you run out of breath. Where would the world be today with out punctuation. Obviously past generations felt is was important to make marks in order to clarify the meaning of their writings so it must be important. I never thought of punctuation this way but it truly is 

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