History, Punctuation and The BIBle?

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Who would have thought the pause had such a long and significant history?... (Paragraphs weren’t indented until much later) (73 Eats, Shoot and leaves)


I just thought this was really interesting to know because I never saw a real significant reason to indent a paragraph except for the fact that it looks nice. It is interesting how a scribe back in the day had the power to misconstrue a sentence to his liking. Can we even trust the books in the bible if an untruthful scribe might have written them? Or were people not as deceiving back then?  


Greta Carroll said:

Kayley, just think about this too, if the Bible started out without any punctuation at all in it (as Truss tells us it did), then the punctuation was added by other people. How do we know these people added punctuation at the right places? Truss already showed us the difference even one comma can make in a sentence. It’s almost scary the power punctuation has over our lives.

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