O those darn Teachers and loving my fluffy writing!

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"you probably won't get an A, because you're still submitting two pages of fluff; but you will get credit for recognizing whatever you actually did accomplish." (short research paper)

             I was always like that in high School, which is probably why I decided that english would be the best major for me. What was I thinking? Actually sometimes I think that but other times I feel like such a nerd for actually getting into all the different aspects of english. Writing actually takes a lot of thought to come up with something worth reading and I love finding out different ways to do so. I am done with the fluff tell me what to do instead, I'm ready!


Great attitude, Kayley. Making the shift from high school filler to collegiate analysis and research-supported argument is not something we can do in a single step. In fact, starting with this year's freshmen, all English majors at SHU are required to take a whole course devoted to that topic -- "Writing about Literature." In this class, we'll only be able to dip our toes into that particular ocean of knowledge, but I think it will be a good start.

Greta Carroll said:

Kayley, I completely agree with you, writing is a lot of work. It does make one wonder from time to time “what have I gotten myself into?” But in the end it is always worthwhile and very gratifying to write, and to write something worthwhile at that. College really does require one to go to the next level, I certainly don’t think that everything I wrote in high school was just filler, there were good ideas and some good papers; however, here in college, we can’t have the fluff alongside the good idea, we have to only have the good idea and get rid of the fluff. Being so focused and precise can be quite a challenge, but I think as time goes on and we get more practice at it we will also get better at it and it will become easier for us.

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