Your Literary theory

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“Gibbon no doubt thought that he was writing the historical truth, and so perhaps did the authors of genesis, but they are now read as fact by some and fiction by others;” (Eagleton 2)

            Literature around the world, through translations, and the editing processes have let to the questioning of whether or not a work is literature, fact or fiction.  Just because some books say they are true story doesn’t mean they are true story. One word could but altered and the story could mean something totally different accidentally. How could anyone decided what was true and what was just a great story. Many leave it to the publishers to decide, or the critics, or the writer. Who said that these were the people who know best about literature? The only reason that these people seem to know what they are doing is because they are confident in what they think. I think that this quote has a very important message to its readers, and I urged all who read to think for themselves and see what they find.

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Erica Gearhart said:

Kayley, when you mentioned the books that, with "one word...altered" could not longer be true, I think of the Oprah Book Club books that have been thought to be "true stories," but with research, have been discovered to be untrue. I agree with you completely. For me, the fact as to whether something is true or false does not interest me. Instead, I like to look for some value in the book-does it change my thoughts, emotions, beliefs, etc.?

Katie Vann said:

Kayley, although I believe there are some cases where it is obvious that a book should be fiction or non-fiction, I think you made a good point with the quote you have chosen about how a work's label can change over time. Also, opinion sometimes does play a big part in determining whether a book is fact or fiction especially when dealing with someone's point of view on certain subjects.

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