Critical argument with the Critics of mine

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Are poems historical acts?


Dear Critic, to all those who judge my work,

I hate literary criticism not the class, not giving it but the receiving of it. I cannot write, ok so you have told me. But you don’t scare me anymore. You will never be more right than I about any topic I chose to write down. I will be your critic, criticizing your critics of me.  

Ok so now that that is out of the way… “It is often suggested that a poet has done enough if he fully performs what he set out to do,” Well here is my question what if what the write sets out to do changes within the process of the writing, and then after the peace is finished it changes again. Just like a writer who writes a story may change the title to fit the content.



Katie Vann said:

Haha Kayley, nice blog. Dear Kayley, your blog seemed to have a very strong point that you wanted to make. Hang in there.
Sincerely, Katie who you make fun of all the time for having an icicle fall on my head

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