English Nationalism in The Tempest

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I agree with Walter Cohen: “The Tempest uncovers, perhaps despite itself, the racist and imperialist bases of English Nationalism.” (McDonald 99)

 During Shakespeare time there was a lot of controversy about where England had control and why. I believe specifically Ireland was struggling with England’s colonization of Island.  The story presented in The Tempest develops a setting where countries have English colonies settled there. Shakespeare mentions a prince in Africa. And history is obviously developed in the story. There is plenty of blame to go around in the British nationalism issue of people being blinded to truth and closed off as Miranda is when she is UN aware of men other than her father and becomes Ferdinand immediately joined at the hip with Ferdinand.  This family feud represents the English nationalism controversy.  



Michelle Tantlinger said:

I think that is an interesting and true perspective on the historical context of this play. I've read a few notes on the Tempest and they said something similiar to what you did about the struggle between England and Ireland.

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