I hate it! and you need to agree. It is not Literature?

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"Literature was not a matter of ‘felt experience’, ‘personal response’ or ‘imaginative uniqueness’:” (Eagleton 15)

So again we struggle with the definition of Literature. The symbolist definition in the Webster’s dictionary is “ all writings on some subject.” So Literature is not anything that one may think it is. You cannot categorize or define this word by what an author felt what you as a reader felt or the imaginative uniqueness a peace of writing may hold. So literature is then any way of looking a literature. Through the eyes of the reader through the eyes of the writer, and the critic. In the past literature was just literature if it had evidence to the true false fact. News articles would fall into this category along with history and politics and moral issues. Fantasy and fiction would not be put into this category. Today’s society has redefined the word Literature to mean something much broader in some cases including all genres of writing. 


Kayley, are you pasting the text of your blog entry from MS-Word? Because the black text is very hard to read on the dark blue background. Just FYI.

Kayley, while I agree that the definition of literature has changed throughout history, I'm not sure it has broadened excessevily. I think instead of widening its boundaries, the boundary lines shifted slightly to include something different. If I understood Eagleton's description correctly, literature in the original sense of the word included more factual writings, such as newspaper, like you said. But I think that modern literature, starting with the Romantic poets, has shifted away from such factual writings to include that which is "creative" as Eagleton terms it.

Katie Vann said:

Kayley, I liked how you addressed the fact that the definition for literature has changed through out time. Dr. Patterson made a comment the other night in my American Literature night class that because of all the economic change in our society and in the world today, we are probably on the brink of another literary movement. One seems to occur with every major event such as a war or even with the Great Depression. I'm interested to see what we will call litature in a decade or so.

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