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“Atmosphere, a term taken from meteorology, means the predominant mood or town in all or part of a literary work,”  (Hamilton 89) more blogs on Hamilton I confess I was just flipping through the pages of my Hamilton book and found this word instead of finding it in the class readings we had due for El312. However I thought this word was appropriate because it develops the setting of a work of literature and the symbolism, which was discussed in the previous chapters we have read for this class. 


Derek Tickle said:

I always thought that the atmosphere had an important role in a piece of literature. This may determine the mood of the characters or the outcome of an important event. For example, the mood of a wedding scene, most likely, would be happy, but if it is dark and gloomy then the outcome may be not a wedding. The mood in "The Yellow Wallpaper" may be referred to as psychological horror. Atmosphere is an important term that many people usually overlook when close reading or analyzing a piece of literature.

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