Political importance of the Tempest

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“To locate The Tempest in the literary field does not necessarily foreclose the possibility of a particular political reading of the play; rather, it simply requires that such a reading be grounded in a historically specific negotiation between the text and the normal political attitude of the theater-audience.” (Yachting 34)

The Tempest has value in more than one topic of discussion whether it is political or literary or some form of both.  When this story is taught in a high school setting the children see the humor in the play as I did when I was in high school. Furthermore if someone were to be taught the story when they are older they may understand the historical factors of the Play. This was Shakespeare intent I believe because in his day people who were poor watched his plays because of the humor but educated people saw both humor and the current political society embedded in the message of the great story. Shakespeare should be read in historical criticism as defended by keesey “Approach the poem through the study of the life and times of its author” (3)


Katie Vann said:

I never read this play in high school, which I regret because I think it would be important for me to compare it from when I read it then to how I would read and react to it now.

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