The yellow Terror!

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The Yellow Wall paper EL 312

Charlotte Perkins Gilman, Keesey 

This story reads like many books I have read, one particular is The Secret Garden. In the beginning of this story when the writer describes the seen of the garden the main character reminds me of the boy who couldn’t walk and had a phobias of everything. The character grows into a type of hypochondriac as the writer uses words like nervous and terror. The narrators fear and evaluation of the wall paper develops this theory as she acquires a theory that the wall paper is a type of haunted. From the beginning a reader may be unclear of which character, John or the narrator. However it quickly comes together at the end where most would come to the conclusion that she really was sick the whole time. On Page 535 the main character argues with john that she is not better despite what he believes. Why would she do that if she wanted him to think she was better in the begging? The answer to this question soon becomes clear, she did this in order to stay in the house long enough to find out what it was about the yellow wall paper that was haunted her at night.¬†


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