What means what When and WHy?

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Struggling with textual meaning. What means what when and why? Discussion of Objective Interpretation “…The textual meaning has nothing to do with the author’s mind, but only with his verbal achievement, that the object of interpretation is not the author but his text.” (19)

Every unit of text has meaning behind it but how would one find this meaning? The only time a meaning in my opinion cause be certain is if it is a simple sentence like her hair is brown, or the car moved fast.  These sentences to not need a critic to define their meaning through the authors mind because it is obvious that they only have one meaning and that is the car moved fast and her hair is brown. For this reason a more complex writing would be relatively impossible to define it’s meaning. Many would agree,” the most “adequate” construction is the one which gives the fullest coherent account of all text’s potential meanings.” (20) There fore if anyone can find another meaning that the supposed adequate critic missed the critiques then becomes inadequate.

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